TEH Mentorship Programme

The TEH Mentorship Programme aimed at reinforcing leadership and management skills among cultural operators in the network, as well deepening existing and to initiating new relationships among the members. Managers who had experience of project management and/or were relatively new in their role as leaders of a centre, or were aspiring to become leaders a became a mentees in the TEH Mentorship Programme. TEH mentor roles were filled  by senior managing directors or leaders of member centres with at least some experience from being a mentor or coach.

The Process: It was up to the mentees to take the initiative for regular talks and meetings and set the agenda. The mentor and mentee agreed how often and in what form they would be in contact (Skype, phone, chat, physical meeting…). We recommended that as a minimum, mentors and mentees were in contact monthly for a one-hour appointment. The activities may have included discussions between the two,  joint study visits, job shadowing at the mentor’s workplace, or other formats depending on the goals of the mentee. An important principle in the mentor relation was trust and confidentiality between the mentor and mentee.