Third Social Inclusion Lab Workshop

The Social Inclusion Lab Project (SOIL) funded by the Swedish Institute concluded the third workshop in Kyiv between 12-13 November, a collaboration between Trans Europe Halles, our member from Ukraine; IZOLYATSIA ,and our partner from Turkey: Her Yerde Sanat Derneği (Sirkhane).

The workshop started by the partners’ session on Friday 12 November, and continued to half day on Saturday, and was dedicated to co-creation of the social inclusion model for cultural centers, focusing on baselining the current diversity of partner organisations and inclusive processes.

On Saturday afternoon, an exhibition for artists with a down syndrome was organised by IZOLYATSIA in their IZONE space, then there was held a public open session for the artists and creatives form underrepresented communities (persons with mental health issues and hearing disabilities), organisations working with the underrepresented communities, IZOLYATSIA’s team from Soledar and other TEH members in Ukraine.

The open session was conducted in Ukrainian and sign languages. It provided a background on social inclusion; what it is and why we should bother! Later a discussion took place between artists and organisations to explore the main challenges faced by organizations and artists belonging and/or working with underrepresented groups.

Meetings with advocacy groups were organised on the margin of the workshop, with Kyiv Pride and Alim Aliev, Co-founder of “Crimea SOS”, an NGO advocating for the Cremean Tatar community.

Photos from the event



Published on November 24, 2021