TEH #95 Live ON AIR: Building bridges through transnational dreams

During our meeting in Leipzig , the amazing Sphere Radio crew radio broadcasted onsite by bringing a brilliant and talented team of radio curators from alternative radio stations and TEH members. If you couldn’t tune in on the day, here are the podcasts for you to catch up.

40 years of TEH presented by Sphere Radio

  1. Introduction – History of Trans Europe Halles, introduction of the conference and the radio show. Speakers: Thalia Giovannelli, Torsten Reitler Moderation: Samantha Lippett, Simon Clement
  2. Radio as a tool for inclusion: participatory radio projects with people we don’t necessarily hear from. Speakers: Claire Jeanne, Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar
  3. Female Voices’ Only! A selection made by women, with womxn
  4. Sustainability within the Cultural Sector: what role can we play?
  5. Fostering healthy work conditions for cultural and creative professionals. Speakers: Florian Cope-Ladstätter  Die Bäckerei Kulturbackstube (AT) and Penguin Project,Gerard Lohuis managing-director of P60 (NL), Kaspars Kondratjuks Kanepes Kulturas Centrs (LV), Katarína Živanovič General Manager, Creative Center Nitra, Nitra (SK)
  6. This is why cultural actors should unite as networks. Speakers: Marie Fol (On the Move, Keychange), Laurent Bigarella (Reset Network, Arty Farty), Lena IngwersenMusic Cities Network, Anika Jankowski Music S Women, Tiffany Fukuma (Managing Director of Trans Europe Halles)
  7. Politics make the world go around. Speakers: Mykhailo Glubokyi IZOLYATSIA. Platform for cultural initiatives (UA), Sigrid Niemer UfaFabrik (D), Ludmila (Lída) Vacková Executive director of Studio ALTA, director of ALT@RT, z.ú. (CZ), Zsolt Varga Bakelit MAC (H)
  8. Circular economy within the cultural sector, utopia or reality? Speakers: Grita Balkute (Trash Galore), Simon Clement (Sphere Radio), Linas Čekanavičius (Palanga Street Radio)
  9. Women in action. Speakers: Astrid Exner WUK Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus (AT), Annabelle Jung fem*vak (D), Sigrid NiemerUfaFabrik (D), Karmen Otu Aparaaditehas (EST), Márta Ladjánszki Bakelit MAC and L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility (H)
  10. Closure / Wrap up of the day. Speakers: Simon Clement, Baiba Dekena, Márta Ladjánszki, Samantha Lippett

Additional Segments:

TEH FUCK UPS –  “funny fails within the network”

YOU AND TEH –  “people behind the network”



TEH 40th anniversary campaign

The objective of the Dream, Believe, Transform campaign is to give shape to our network’s spirit, through our member’s own journey, stories and moments. Dream, Believe, Transform could be a way to describe phases in a cycle, phases that we want to explore together with our members throughout this year.  

Through the lense of Dream, Believe, Transform approach, we will reflect upon our past as well as set intention for the future. We will start by honouring our rich history and bringing to life stories of our founding member centres and people who shaped the network and nourished it throughout the years. We will make sure that all voices are given enough space but would particularly like to celebrate our female founders!  

We physically reconnected in Leipzig and used this opportunity to share the stories of our members with a wider audience by broadcasting them live across Europe and beyond! And, of course, it was an occasion for all members to party away and to contribute to the celebration by co-designing it together.  

Now that the Leipzig meeting is over, we are setting our gaze on the future by giving voice to the new generation of cultural spaces. We will tip into new challenges and opportunities that cultural spaces face and how as a network we could address them collectively.  


We the Dreamers! All of us in TEH started with a DREAM; We dream of a fairer more just future – one that cherishes diversity and freedom of expression. With the same eyes we look at abandoned places, the same way we look at our world, envisioning all the amazing possibilities that could be. We BELIEVE in our power to change things for the better, in social and spatial justice, more than anything we believe in societies’ capacity for good and in our own capacity to support, lead and inspire positive change even in the most uncertain of times. This belief inspires a quality shift of mindset and agency in our communities. Over time we TRANSFORM our neighbourhoods and cities into vibrant cultural environments brimming with life and creativity. Our audiences become visionaries, doers, drivers of change that fight for an open society where all citizens belong.  

Through all the ups & downs, we have always stayed TOGETHER: together with our dreams, communities and peers. We feel each other’s support and it makes us stronger! We are multiple unique voices and when we speak – we cannot be ignored!  


How you can contribute

  • We are collecting stories from TEH Ambassadors and those who started the network about our collective history. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with our ESC volunteer Victoria at victoria@teh.net. We will use these stories to create posts on social media and add them to a book/fanzine publication!
  • We had a radio booth at TEH Conference in Leipzig and broadcasted live from the event! If you have a radio station at your centre and would like to get involved in future meetings please email us at marcom@teh.net.
  • We are collecting photos, old magazine and newspaper article clippings, videos, old posters, etc. Please, send us everything at marcom@teh.net and we will choose the best ones to include in our future publications !

If you have other ideas what we can do more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at marcom@teh.net! We would love to hear from YOU!!!!


More information is COMING SOON.


Moderation: Samantha Lippett, Simon Clement, Baiba Dekena, Marie Descure, Fanny Testas

Published on March 31, 2023