TEH Members’ COVID-19 Bulletin

1.) Brunnenpassage

Our dear friends from Vienna, Brunnenpassage, went online with their project JUMP!STAR. They have been working on this project for months, and now, when it was impossible to carry on with it in person, they channelled all of their energy to find a way how to engage people online! And we are very happy to tell you that they more than succeded. You can still join them! You will find all the details on Brunnenpassage website.

2.) Mottattom

Our member from Switzerland, Mottatom, has launched an amazing open call for celluloid photography! They would love to receive celluloid photographs (yes, the old-fashioned ones!) from all over Europe that would document our cities, social distance, the clean air, the spring atmosphere and whatever else your imagination would guide you to.

This will be the first exhibition after reopening their centre. Click here, for all the practical details.

3.) Free Theatre

Our Belarusian friends Free Theatre have put some of their artistic programme online. Check out the schedule here.

4.) Le Confort Moderne

Le Confort Moderne has launched an online project in response to COVID-19.

They prepared a series of videos made by a musician Eddy Crampes and a dancer Léa Bonnaud. It is a sport-at-home programme with good music and arty spirit. It is far from any other sports programme that you can find on internet. Funny, indie and homemade. It’s in french but every non-speaking-french person can follow the music and the movements.

Here are 4 videos:




5.) Ta(r)dino 6

Our Startup Support Programme participant from Azerbaijan, Ta(r)dino have launched the questionnaire to evaluate the effect of COVID-19 on art and creative community. Participate in the survey here.

Published on April 24, 2020