Re-empowering community ownership models

The trend of decentralisation is continuing, we see it in different fields of society: insurances, agriculture, finances. People start their own little farm in the neighbourhood, or an association for freelancers to be insured and not be dependent on the multinational insurance companies that have sketchy allocated budgets.

It seems people want to bring decisions closer to home, have a more transparent way of value exchange. We know that this trend is going on for a while, and it’s only accelerating because of the threats on global scale companioned by a lack of trust of big institutions and a longing for more community feeling instead of privatisation.

TEH’s centres have various governance and ownership models, private and community based. Is a cooperative model a good alternative? Is it feasible? In this session we will learn e.g. about the 7 principles of a cooperative model and what land trusts are. We will discuss democratic ownership models within a new-modern world.

This session will start with a short tour outside (if it doesn’t rain) where we learn about the Swedish law of  ‘Allemansrätten’ or ‘The Right of Public Access’ in English.

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