Lecture: Genius Locals – community collaboration in the north

Moa Björnson is a kaospilot and urban and rural developer who has been working with community collaboration in the rural coast of Northern Norway. With experiences from Træna – a small 450-inhabitant sized island far out at sea at the arctic circle, and from Bodø – the second largest city in Northern Noway, becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2024, Moa will talk about how to develop and co-create culturally vibrant places, with and for the local community. 

Moa is currently working as CEO for the establishment of a community hotel in Træna (www.traena365.no ) and as urban developer of Molobyen in Bodø (www.molobyen.no). She is founder of Træna Artist Residency and in the board for Artica Svalbard (www.articasvalbard.no) 

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