We Should Care About Each Other

Our organisations and projects are the living organisms that we care about and develop.

We imprint our best visions on them, cultivate our surroundings, and transform the world into a better place. And just like in a balanced ecosystem, where even a great harvest brings energy back into the cycle, we create parallels and metaphors in our cultural organisations and teams. So that energy circulates, transforms, but stays within the system. Let’s make our organisations’ ecosystems healthier and more sustainable. Let’s dive into the flow of energy and flow. 

Speakers: Florian Landstädter & Shawn Wright, Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube, Innsbruck; Jana Ryšlavá, Move Platform, Ostrava; Iveta Zedková, psychiatrist

This is an all-day program with one break and we recommend to stay the whole session to experience it fully. 

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