Andreea Iager-Tako

Andreea Iager Tako has a diverse background in both studies and practices in different organisations. She loves to discover unwalked paths searching for social impact and she stubbornly wants to connect people, ideas, projects and efforts. In her teenage years she co-founded PLAI festival (a 100% volunteer based festival, promoting diversity and community forming), then AMBASADA (the first Romanian member of TransEuropeHalles) and, more recently, FABER – together with smaller and larger teams from the local community. During the start of the pandemic and following the work done within Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities, she has co-founded – a hybrid space that hosts creatives and social impact driven business. Now she is actively working on both building.a.home (affordable and inclusive temporary housing solutions), ONE.shirt (an inclusive upcycling textile social business) and joining efforts locally with peers in generating sustainable solutions. At an European level PLAI is part of EUREKA, Subtopia and, more recently, BioDivercities projects.

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EUREKA! Co-designing a Training Curriculum for Urban Innovators