Lucia Kašiarová


Lucia Kašiarová is the founder of the Prague Cultural Centre Studio ALTA, which is used by independent artists in the field of dance, new theatre, performance art, social projects, etc. Since 2022 she has been working as the director of the Studio Dance Theatre in Slovakia, where she leads a permanent artistic ensemble. It is a challenge for her to find differences and overlaps in the management and creation of the artistic programme in established and non-established cultural institutions. Her artistic work is wide-ranging, she chooses artists who are open to exploration and consider art as a way to knowledge and building a healthy society. She supports domestic and international artistic creation of people who are sincerely looking for the way to self-knowledge and reflecting the world they live in. She sees the art form as a means to personal experience that motivates society to self-reflection and personal activity.

Speaker's events

Symbiotic Programming – Studying Ecosystem Beyond the Creative Product