Become a member

Hurray, the wait is over! Trans Europe Halles is launching an open call inviting organisations to apply to become full or associate members of the network.

Membership criteria

You are welcome to apply to become a member of Trans Europe Halles if your organisation meets the following criteria:

  • A non-governmental organisation or private enterprise operating in a repurposed space/building
  • A centre/organisation with a legal entity structure. i.e., has legal rights and responsibilities, including tax filling
  • Must be at least two years old
  • A community-led independent international grassroots centre/organisation arising from a citizen’s initiative
  • Has autonomous, multidisciplinary social and cultural programming
  • Supports and advocates for a democratic and pluralistic society
  • Shows a strong commitment to equity, sustainability, diversity and equal opportunities
  • Strong motivation and willingness to be actively engaged
  • Should be from any of these eligible 46 countries.

What will you gain from becoming a full member?

Becoming a member of TEH, you will be joining a community of artists and cultural professionals who are united by their exceptional ability to understand and seize the potential of abandoned urban and rural spaces and transform them into places full of life and creativity.

Full member will get the following benefits:

      • Direct access to all the networking opportunities, programmes and resources offered by Trans Europe Halles
      • Community of peers from 140+ organisations from 40+ countries across Europe and beyond that share their passion for buildings, social justice and arts and culture
      • Possibility to shape the future of the network through voting rights or joining the Executive Committee – our governing body
      • Advocacy for specific needs such as anti-eviction, urgent response to crisis and solidarity efforts within the network
      • Funding opportunities, grant writing consultancy, and matchmaking for project partners
      • Monthly internal newsletter
      • Possibility to build or join international consortiums and take an active part in EU-funded projects
      • Opportunity to join specialised working groups (HUBS) on specific topics or geographical areas
      • Access to all TEH training and capacity building programs and mobility support opportunities
      • Discounted prices for all TEH events
      • Access to all publications and catalogues produced for over 40 years!

Don’t meet our membership criteria? You can still become an associate member! 

Apply if you share Trans Europe Halles values and are interested in our activities.

Find below examples of organisations that can apply:

      • Advocacy groups
      • Other networks
      • Touring companies
      • State institutions (cultural state institutions, municipalities, private-state institutions, etc.)
      • Think-tanks and Research labs/institutes
      • NGOs without space/building.
      • Universities
      • Organisations without a legal structure
      • Civil society group.

Associate member will get the following benefits:

      • Access to Trans Europe Halles’ annual conferences and community of 140 organisations from 40 countries across Europe and beyond that share passion for buildings, social justice, arts and culture
      • Advocacy for specific needs, urgent response to crisis & solidarity efforts within the network
      • Monthly internal newsletter
      • Opportunity of joining specialised working groups (HUBS) on specific topics or geographical areas
      • Access to some of TEH training & capacity building programs
      • Discounted prices for all TEH events
      • Access to publications and catalogues produced for over 40 years.

DISCLAIMER! In 2023, while we welcome applications from all over the world, we especially encourage applications from organisations based in Poland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Switzerland. Additionally, special consideration will be given to applications from organisations led by youth collectives and underrepresented communities, advocacy and civil society groups, and arts and culture organisations working in the fields of digital cultures, environmental sustainability, research, democracy, and humanitarian response.


To ensure that your organisation/centre gets the most out of joining Trans Europe Halles network, and verify that your values align with ours – a mutual beneficial partnership – we have put together the following membership application procedures:


  • Step 1

    Fill out the online application form during the open application period (December 2022 – 23 February 2023

  • Step 2

    Screening of application at the end of the application period and email feedback to all applicants (March 2023)


  • Step 3

    Selected applications continue the process by receiving an invitation to attend an online presentation for in-depth information about Trans Europe Halles (March/April)

  • Step 4

    Selected applications get an invitation to attend TEH conference (Mandatory) and newcomers ‘session where they meet other members of the network (May/June)

    • We provide invitation letters for organisations that need to apply for visa to enable them to attend the conference
  • Step 5

    Visit by one of the Executive Committee members to your centre/organisation for assessment and report after the conference (June/July)

  • Step 6

    The Executive Committee reaches a decision on your application (July)

  • Step 7

    If the application is approved, you get an invitation (July) to present your centre/organisation at the next Camp meeting in October

  • Step 8

    After your presentation and during the General Assembly at the Camp meeting, other members of the network vote to either accept or reject your membership application

  • Step 9

    Get your membership approved at the General Assembly.

  • Step 10

    A welcome email is sent after the Camp meeting if the application gets a ‘yes’ vote at the General Assembly

Membership Fees

The membership fee is based on your organisation’s annual turnover, i.e. your total income per year: total of grants and subsidies + total income from activities such as ticket sales, catering services, renting of facilities, etc.

Membership Category

Organisation’s Annual Turnover

Yearly Fee

TEH Member

Less than 250.000€
250.000 – 500.000€
500.000 – 750.000€
750.000 – 1M€
1M – 1,25M€
1,25M – 2M€
More than 2M€


TEH Associate

Not applicable



The application process is closed now. The next round opens on 1 December 2023. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Project and Membership Relations Manager at


Trans Europe Halles is a member-led non-governmental organisation born on 6 March 1983 and currently based in Sweden. We are a bottom-up value driven activist network that connects 140+ grassroots cultural centres in 40+ countries across and beyond Europe. Among other things, THE advocates for the DIY, independent and alternative cultural sector, and advises conscious planners, developers and policy makers.

Our Mission: We generate strong connections between grassroots cultural centres and enable them to fulfill their potential: activate communities, neighborhoods, cities and regions through arts and culture. We advocate for social justice, spatial justice and diversity in places where these values are challenged. We act as a counterweight against displacement, abandonment, gentrification, segregation and other urban plagues. We stand up for what we believe to be the very foundation of democracy: citizen engagement, decolonisation and freedom of expression.