How to become a member

Membership Categories

1. Members: Only citizen-initiated cultural centres can apply to become TEH Members and they have to meet the following criteria:

a) To be an independent and not-for-profit centre arising from a citizen’s initiative with a legal structure.

b) To have a multidisciplinary artistic policy encouraging interaction between art forms, with an emphasis on contemporary art.

c) To be based in user-friendly buildings preferably originating from a commercial or industrial heritage.

d) To run a high-quality artistic programme of at least regional significance with an awareness of contemporary culture, ranging from local to international art.

e) To be aware of the social and political aspects of cultural actions with an Equal Opportunities Policy or commitment.

2. Associates: Other organisations that don’t meet the membership criteria can apply to become TEH Associates.

Application procedure

Once you have decided to which of the membership category your organisation belongs to, just follow these steps:

1. Read the TEH Application Procedure and TEH Members Charter.

2. Take a look at the TEH Membership Fees. The fees for Members are progressive and based on the organization’s annual turnover, ranging from 300€ to 1.750€ per year. The fee for Associates is flat, 200€ per year.

3. Contact our Managing Director and ask her to send you the application questionnaire.

4. Fill in the application questionnaire and submit it.

Before applying for membership we strongly recommend you to attend at least one TEH Meeting so you can understand what TEH is and how you can contribute and benefit from it.

If you have any questions about the procedure or would like to get further information about TEH, we will be pleased to help you. Just email or phone us.

  • Trans Europe Halles Coordination Office
    c/o Mejeriet |Stora Sodergatan 64
    SE – 222 23 Lund | Sweden

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